Storyful Elements-3-03

“Inspiring growth and connection through narrative.”

I'm Jones, born as a third-generation Moluccan in the Netherlands, where my roots intertwine with the vibrant cultures that shaped me. From the dunes of my Dutch coastal upbringing to the lush rice fields of Bali, through the years my narrative journey has shaped Storyful. With a heart that never sleeps and a curious spirit, I embarked on a mission to leave traces of my poetry and stories around the globe. My passion for storytelling, rooted in a profound understanding of narrative psychology, drives every word crafted at Storyful.

Empowering individuals and brands to embrace their unique narratives is not just my passion; it's my life's mission. With over a decade of experience in advertising and media, I've honed the art of storytelling to a fine edge. My journey has taken me from bustling city streets to tranquil rice fields, where I've discovered the profound impact of narratives on our lives. From my early days as a poet to my academic pursuits in narrative psychology, I've delved deep into the science and art of storytelling. This fusion of expertise forms the cornerstone of Storyful, where I lead a dedicated team committed to crafting authentic narratives that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

As a Brand Storyteller, my focus lies in shaping brand stories and driving content strategy, resulting in compelling brand narratives that resonate with audiences striking them right in the heart. With a decade of experience in advertising and media, my expertise harmoniously blends creativity, strategy, and storytelling finesse. As a licensed Narrative Coach, I artfully blend the principles of brand storytelling and narrative psychology to facilitate transformative programs for personal growth and team bonding. Through immersive storytelling experiences and tailored coaching, I empower individuals and teams to harness the power of their personal narratives, cultivate self-awareness, and unlock their full potential.

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Embrace your unique narrative and unlock your full potential.


Jones is a licensed Narrative Coach and experienced
Brand Storyteller on a mission to guide brands, teams
and individuals in unlocking their unique narratives for
growth and meaningful connection.

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